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Young people actively participated in the campaign „Shadow Days”

 “Shadow Day”, which this year was held on February 13, is a career education event organized by Junior AchievementYoung Enterprise Latvia.

This year entrepreneurs of Daugavpils, municipalities and state institutions and organizations were offered to register at portal The interest and responsiveness was very high. In Daugavpils 30 employers offered their vacancies, but in total there were more than 100 vacancies for shadows. Young people were able to choose to be the Shadow of representatives in different spheres: natural environment, security, rescue, protection, food industry, economics and finance, education, communication and media, arts and culture, social work, psychology, the science of law, sports, tourism, recreation and hospitality, management and administration, construction and trade.

The work of Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Žanna Kulakova was observed by 3 young girls, the 1st Deputy Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Vitālijs Azarevičs and Deputy Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Līvija Jankovska had one Shadow.

City mayor told about the municipality’s work, about responsibility of the mayor, answered to the questions. Young girls participated in different meetings which were held at the mayor’s office and at the end of the day gave an interview at City Council’s TV studio. The girls thought that work at the municipality is only routine work with a lot of papers but it turned out that such opinion was wrong. The girls consider that this was very valuable experience. The style of work of Žanna Kulakova was very interesting and girls learned a lot in the Shadow Day.

The Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Žanna Kulakova emphasized that this project is very important because it gives an opportunity for young people to get to know work of municipalities, to make sure is it interesting for them or not. It is a good opportunity to prepare for making professional choice for further life.

The greatest interest of young people was about the work of City Planning and Construction department. The shadows also were at the Development department and Public Relations department.