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About Daugavpils


Daugavpils is a city that makes you feel at home

vide238.jpgAncient stones of the fortress and splendid art nouveau in the heart of the city, low-rise wooden houses with finely carved bluish-grey shutters and geraniums on the windowsills in the part of the city called  Forstadt - create the peculiar feeling of being at home, being safe. It accompanies all those, who have been born here or have lived here for some period of time", writes poetess Anna Rancāne.

Daugava - means so much.


Daugavpils possesses a number of characteristic features:
 it is rich in water,
 many languages are spoken here,
 it is populated by people of many denominations,
it is multicultural,
it is the city of many fates.

It is the city where multi-ethnical and multicultural environment have been developed since the ancient times.

Daugavpils - multicultural, multi-ethnical city that performs a variety of functions, cross-border centre of services and economic development.

The aims which Daugavpils strives to achieve in the future:

  • - high quality of life and environment, high level of tolerance;
  • - to become an accessible international centre of services and economic development;
  • - to become a cross-border centre of culture, science and education.


Daugavpils – second largest city in Latvia at the Eastern border of EU