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Daugavpils Central Secondary School is celebrating its 50th anniversary

On the 29th of November Daugavpils council congratulated the staff of Daugavpils Central Secondary School, students and their parents. The school is celebrating a big anniversary. The school was congratulated by Daugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova, the First Vice-Chairman Vitalijs Azarevičs, Head of Secondary and Professional Education Marina Isupova.

School's staff, students and parents were met by Accordion Orchestra of Center of the Latvian culture at Daugavpils City Council.

Daugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova turned to the audience: "School has changed its name, changed the staff of teachers, students have changed, but the mission remains the same - to bring a new generation as the replacement, the future of our country and the city. I want to express my gratitude to the teachers for their work, generously donated heart warmness, knowledge, love for children and high professionalism."

First Vice-Chairman Azarevičs began his career as a teacher in this school, so he especially welcomed the staff of the school. He wished the school to have more students, more high results and achievements in teaching, the achievements of the pupils. He thanked the teachers for their professional and creative work.

City Council' leaders thanked the principal of Daugavpils Central Secondary School Nadežda Hetmane, because the aura and achievements of the school depends on the principal.

After congratulations leaders of Daugavpils City Council awarded with the diplomas Daugavpils City Council and letters of gratitude the best and most active teachers of the school.

Certificate of Appreciation and the Silver Honor sign for long, successful, creative work on improvement of the education system, the introduction of innovations in the learning process, the popularization of their methods of  ESF project "Natural science and mathematics," in connection with 50-year anniversary of Daugavpils Central Secondary School, received

Chemistry teacher of Daugavpils Central Secondary School, Marina Ravinska;

Math teacher, Methodist of education Daugavpils Central Secondary School, Jelena Azareviča;

Certificate of honor and a Silver Honor sign was also received by Tamara Tjagunova for long, unselfish, creative work, devotion to the school, and in connection with 50-year anniversary of Central Secondary School.

Head of Secondary and Professional Education Marina Isupova presented the awards from Department. She wished the school to develop, and every next day to be bright and full of new achievements.

Daugavpils Central Secondary School has prepared a presentation about their school, which demonstrated the school's rich history and present achievements. School principal Nadežda Hetmane described her school as a rich with strong buds and bright flowers, she spoke with great pride about the school, teachers and student achievement.

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka.