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First stage of the World Women’s Volleyball Championship will be held in Daugavpils, in May

In this connection, on March 14,Latviavolleyball federation president Atis Sausnite visitedDaugavpils. He met with Chairperson of City Council Žanna Kulakova.

Žanna Kulakova told thatDaugavpilsis a sports city which loves sports, supports different sports and modernises sports infrastructure. City mayor stated that the city is able to hold international sports events. Atis Sausnītis confirmed that he knows aboutDaugavpilssuccess and possibilities.Daugavpilsnow has a great Olympic Centre that is whyDaugavpilswas chosen. Žanna Kulakova thanked for the confidence in city’s possibilities.

Atis Sausnītis informed that till March 20 we need to resolve all technical questions. Vice president ofEuropevolleyball federation plans to visit the competition. And of course, a lot of fans also will come.

First stage of the World Women’s Volleyball Championship will be held inDaugavpilsduring May 23-26. The teams fromLatvia,Estonia,LithuaniaandIcelandwill compete. It will be a great school forDaugavpilsyoung athletes and coaches – to watch the strongest athletic performance.

During the meeting also were spoken about preparations for the Open Championship in beach volleyball in sports base "Virogna", but it is possible to discuss the question about organisation of competition  in the Stropi.

The conversation was also about the participation ofDaugavpilsUniversityvolleyball players in Universiade inKazan, about reanimation of student sports and the need to develop sports in schools.

Žanna Kulakova emphasize thatDaugavpilscares about development of professional sports and also about healthy lifestyle. Even City Festival was dedicated to sports which show the attitude of municipality.


Information has been prepared by the press secretary ofDaugavpilscity council Līga Korsaka