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Žanna Kulakova with the other biggest Latvia's cities' mayors had a meeting with Prime Minister V.Dombrovskis.

On the 11th of October a meeting of the Association of Latvia’s Large cities with Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis took place in Riga. After the meeting, Daugavpils City Council Chairperson Žanna Kulakova informed that the meeting was very constructive, a good dialogue between the mayors and the prime minister was achieved. The number of discussed issues was so large that for some of the questions the time was not enough. Mr. Dombrovskis noted the necessity to resume regular meetings with the heads of large cities.

The question of defending the position of Latviain the European Union's Cohesion Policy for the period year 2014-2020 and the role in the national development plan of our state was discussed at the meeting.

The introduced by the Ministry of Economy bills were discussed as well, which include conceptual provisions to business public persons. There was a discussion of distribution of personal income tax between the state and local governments, to create medium-term budget planning.

Information on the progress of the draft Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers "On the criteria for the manufacturer of household waste, which is exempt from tax on natural resources and who has the right to sign contracts with the businessman for his chosen house management of household waste" was provided as well as the information about a delay of implementation of the activities of the Third Action Programme «Modernization of educational equipment and infrastructure improvements for the implementation of professional education programs."

In a conversation with the mayors of largest cities participated specialists of ministries of economy, finances, communications, and thе Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

Information prepared by Daugavpils City Council press-secretary Liga Korsaka