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Project Gen-Y CITY ends with a photo exhibition „DAUGAVPILS IN THE EYES OF „GENERATION Y””

Until June 10, a photo exhibition "DAUGAVPILS IN THE EYES OF „GENERATION Y”" will be displayed in the Professional Education Competence Centre Daugavpils Secondary School of Design and Art "Saules skola". The photo exhibition was organized as the closing meeting of the local action group within the project "Get into the swing of the city!" (Gen-Y City), whose main idea is to preserve, attract and develop the creative competences of the inhabitants of Daugavpils. The photo exhibition displays the works of Generation Y photographers from Daugavpils Džeina Saulīte, Irina Maskaļenko, Sanri, Ivars Utināns and Sandra Rogozina.

Two years have passed at lightning speed and many good things have been done within the project to activate the creative people of Daugavpils. The project management group in cooperation with the local action group and external experts of the project participated in international conferences, exchanged experiences, organized HeyDay and LAVKA events, JAVA courses, conducted a study on the creative potential of Daugavpils and developed the Daugavpils Creative Business Action Plan. However, the main thing was that within the project everyone was able to meet in both formal and informal settings, to exchange opinions, to create ideas and to participate in joint activities.

The main idea of the project was to preserve, attract and develop the creative potential of the inhabitants of Daugavpils. Together with Bologna, Genoa, Coimbra, Granada, Sabadell, Klaipeda, Kristiansand, Nantes, Wolverhampton, Torun and project coordinator Poznan, we have been actively working to make these cities more attractive to the "Generation Y". That is why the mission of the project of Gen-Y City was to promote a positive perception of the city of Daugavpils so that it would be a place where one is willing to live, study and work. The end of the project is always the beginning for something new. That is why we will work together and make Daugavpils a city where people have a diverse perception, a city with a stylish ambience, where the vibration of the city can be heard in its streets!

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The project "Get into the swing of the city" (Gen-Y City) is financed under the ERDF URBACT III programme.