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Daugavpils City Council is working on the development of creative entrepreneurship

The project „Get into the swing of the City!” (Gen-Y City) is being implemented within the EU programme URBACT III. The main idea of the project is to preserve, attract and develop creative competences of the inhabitants of Daugavpils.

Within the framework of the project, the City Council is working to attract Generation Y to the city. Generation Y are the representatives of the “creative class” who are essential for the development and welfare of any city in the 21st century.

Within the framework of the project, 12 partners are working on the development of Local Action Plans which will include a number of activities that will help to maintain, attract and develop talented young people in the cities involved in the project in the coming years. The Local Action Plan is a policy planning tool which is used to address a challenge to solve city-specific problems in a particular way. Each partner has chosen the most relevant field of activity. Daugavpils is working on the development of creative entrepreneurship, based on the study on the creative potential of Daugavpils and the initiatives of the representatives of the project local action group.

Within the framework of the project, various international and local activities are carried out in cooperation with the creative people of Daugavpils: events Heyday and LAVKA, JAVA training for future IT specialists, creative thinking classes in cooperation with Radi! to promote publicity  of the project, international training and study visits to project partners. The Local Action Plan of Daugavpils is based on the challenge of attracting new talented specialists to the labour market by providing them with the necessary start-up support for creative development in Daugavpils. In the future, the external experts see Daugavpils as a city where people have a diverse perception and the city has a stylish ambience.

To get acquainted with the information on the project Gen-Y City and Daugavpils Local Action Plan visit

The project "Get into the swing of the city" (Gen-Y City) is financed under the ERDF URBACT III programme