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Daugavpils was the first city in Latvia which successfully implemented health reform (1996-2002) measures (including the optimization of health
care institutions). According to regional medical institution reform in Latvia, Daugavpils, Kraslava and Preili hospitals united to continue to carry out the medical institution activities of health care services. Integration of hospitals made it possible to reduce costs while improving the quality of health care for the residents of the region. Even the first medical practices in Latvia started in Daugavpils (2000).

Medical services for the residents of the city and region are provided by the municipal and state medical institutions. Due to the use of EU SF co-funding in recent years, there were many significant renovations, new medical equipment purchased and medical personnel training. They are “Daugavpils Regional Hospital” Ltd, “Children Health Care Centre Daugavpils” Ltd, “Daugavpils Dental Polyclinic” Ltd.

Health care is provided at outpatient and inpatient secondary, tertiary health care level, and operates in three departments: Daugavpils Regional Hospital, Daugavpils Central Polyclinic, Centre of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis.

For taking care of low-income people’s health “Daugavpils Regional Hospital” Ltd is provided with financial resources for day-time stationary patient deposit and stationary patient deposit compensation for up to four days. Previously low-income people patient's deposit was compensated up to three days.

Recently to attract new health care professionals to work in medical institutions of Daugavpils, Daugavpils City Council has entered into a cooperation agreement with Riga Stradiņš University and an agreement with University of Latvia, providing cooperation in research activities, innovation studies and work environment development, as well as cooperation in knowledge and technology field.

The radiotherapy complex was established on the territory of “Daugavpils Regional Hospital” Ltd with wide opportunities to use the latest methods for tumour treatment. Works were carried out by implementing ERAF-supported project “Improvement of Oncology Patient Treatment Services in Limited Liability Company ‘Daugavpils Regional Hospital’, by development of infrastructure” (“Onkoloģijas slimnieku ārstēšanas pakalpojumu uzlabošana SIA "Daugavpils Reģionālā slimnīca”, veicot infrastruktūras sakārtošanu). By implementing this project, the oncology hospital was moved to the area of “Daugavpils Regional Hospital” Ltd. Another project was associated with maternity wards transfer to a newly constructed building. Construction was funded by the ERAF. Simultaneously with the maternity ward, the operation block was completely renovated; this project was also funded by the European Regional Development Fund. According to the project “Introduction of Digital Radiology and Hospital Information Systems” ("Digitālās radioloģijas un slimnīcas informācijas sistēmas ieviešana"), "Daugavpils Regional Hospital” Ltd acquired a new technology - the diagnostic radiology department was digitized.

“Daugavpils Children Health Care Centre” Ltd serves for Daugavpils children - 80%, as well as for children from other regions – 20%. In this Centre there are 11 family doctor practices, two ophthalmologists and one otolaryngologist practice, as well as “E.Gulbis Laboratory”, which enables to make high-quality laboratory investigations for the Centre’s patients. In 2014 the technical project for a new automated efficient and hot water systems was developed, the repair of the roof wooden structures was done, the bicycle parking for customers was installed, the 3rd floor stationary ramp was installed, accessibility of the place for blind patients using Braille was ensured, a renovation of the family doctor's offices was done, the diagonal stair platform lift for patients with motion disabilities was installed.

“Daugavpils Dental Polyclinic” Ltd with dental treatment and prosthetic dentistry is one of the largest of its profile in Latvia and the only one in Latgale and provides dental treatment even on weekends and holidays, as well providing dental services to social risk groups. In 2014 in one of the rooms of “Daugavpils Dental Polyclinic” Ltd for patients with functional disorders the new drill was installed and reconstruction made, improving environmental accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Other medical institutions and medical practices in Daugavpils:

From July 1st 2013 a family doctor Anatoly Oprisnyak practice SIA „Kurators” has been established, which operates in Daugavpils neighbourhood: Cietoksnis and Viduspogulanka.

Practice address: Valkas street 2A, Daugavpils, LV-5417, phone: 27702052.


The booklet "My family doctor"

"Daugavpils Regional Hospital" Ltd performance review and development strategy 2014-2016.