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The 1st and 2nd grade pupils in schools of Daugavpils will receive lunch free of charge

Basing on the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, which came into force on January 1, 2013, deputies of Daugavpils City Council decided to introduce amendments to the Daugavpils City Council’s Binding Regulations -   ‘Incentive on reducing price of school meals for pupils’ at the City Council’s meeting on January 10.

According to the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the state also compensates feeding expenses for second grade pupils in the amount of 80 santims. The amount of compensation is insufficient to provide lunch free of charge. The City Council has already paid extra 20 santims to provide lunch free of charge to the first grade pupils in 2012. This year the additional payment will made to provide free lunch the second grade pupils as well. Thus pupils of the 1st and 2nd grade will have free lunch at schools of the city.

Last year, the municipality compensated 50% of the cost of the meal for the pupils of 2nd – 4th grades. The full price of the meal was 50 santims. Entering into force of the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers results in reducing of budget expenditure  of the Daugavpils City Council for 36 669 lats. Compensations of 20 santims for lunches of the 2nd grade pupils will make 24 446 lats. (719 pupils x 20 x 170 days.)

This year the 3rd – 4th grade pupils will still receive school lunch at a reduced price (50%).

Information has been prepared by L.Korsaka, press-secretary of Daugavpils City Council.