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Daugavpils Museum invites visitors to meet the King of Tango

“Oh, these black eyes!” “Moon Rhapsody”, “Last Tango”, “Tell Me Why?” – these sad and enthusiastic tango melodies were played in the concert halls and dance halls in the thirties. Many even didn’t know who the author of these melodies is. Also inDaugavpilshardly anyone knew that King of Tango of theEurope– O. Strok was born in this town.

In the family of David and Hava, in a small two-story house in the centre of Daugavpils(house is not preserved till nowadays) eight children were born. Four daughters and four sons, the youngest of whom – “Osja” or Oscar was born on January 6th, 1893. He was considered as genius in the family, a little Mozart, who in the age of 10 years wrote the first romances.

Strok's house in the city was called conservatory because music sounds always could be heard through the windows of the house . All sons were musically gifted, but as father predicted, history remembers only the youngest one. When Oscar was 12 years old,St. Petersburgmusic publisher published music of two romances composed by him. At this age he already studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, his teacher was the famous composer Aleksandr Glazunov.

O. Strok – a brilliant pianist, composer, singer, music genius who devoted his life to tango. Over a lifetime, the composer wrote more than 300 works of various genres, mostly pop and dance music, but the songs in the rhythm of tango were particularly popular. His songs complied with such prominent artists as L. Utjosovs, K. Šuļženko, V. Kandelaki, I. Jurjeva, P. Ļeščenko A. Bajanova, K. Sokolskis etc.

O. Strok – a man with an amazing destiny, who got to know all in life – world fame, love of the audience and many years of oblivion. Wonderful sounds of his music will warm the hearts of the people for long time.

You are welcome to visit the lectures devoted to King of Tango O. Strok "Meeting with the King of Tango".