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Administration of Lesser Poland Province believes that concluded cooperation agreement will rapidly fill with content

On June 9th, in Svente the cooperation agreement between Lesser Poland Province and Latgale region in Latvia was signed. This solemn moment occurred in the presence of Presidents of Latvia and Poland. There were a lot of guests from Poland. On June 10th, in Daugavpils City Council the member of administration of Lesser Poland Province Stanislav Soris was hosted. Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Žanna Kulakova and First Deputy Chairperson Vitālijs Azarevičs met the high guest.

The delegation consisted from representatives of administration of Lesser Poland Province, Latvian Honorary Consul in Poland Rafal Brzoska and representative of the Polish embassy.

Žanna Kulakova emphasized that signed document is very important also forDaugavpilswhich is the capital city ofLatgaleregion. Žanna Kulakova expressed her gratitude to the Polish community in Daugavpils, Polish society and Polish cultural centre for the huge contribution in preservation of Polish culture and linguistics, which makes Daugavpils colourful and multinational city.

Much talk about business and tourism were during the meeting. In Lesser Poland Province the tourism sphere is very developed, the biggest treasure – mountains. Around this sphere also is formed business.

Žanna Kulakova explained that during last yearsDaugavpilsalso set its own priorities – development of entrepreneurship and tourism. That is whyDaugavpilswaits Polish investments.Daugavpilshas favourable environment – Polish schools, Polish language is not foreign.

Guests interested about the city’s budget, development of industrial zones, business structure and demographical situation.

Stanislav Soris expressed his gratitude for the hospitality and wonderful atmosphere, because he feels inDaugavpilslike at home. He invitedDaugavpilsrepresentatives to Business Forum which will be held in September. He expressed his gratitude to the local government for the excellent cooperation with the Polish community. Stanislav Soris is sure that cooperation withDaugavpilsand with Latgale region will develop successfully.

The information has been prepared by press secretary ofDaugavpilscity council Līga Korsaka.