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Daugavpils City Council launches campaign "Let’s inspect streets together!" – special e-mail address is created for city inhabitants

Municipal institutions regularly receive many reports from people about the condition of roads in the city. Deputy Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council Vjačeslavs Širjakovs says: "One of our work priorities is to maintain the streets and sidewalks in good condition, therefore the decision on a joint campaign with citizens on inspection of streets ofDaugavpilsis made. The help of active citizens is very important for specialists of administration of Communal Service. Thanks to a joint campaign we will be able to plan for 2013 additional volumes of necessary repair work"

Specialists of administration of Communal Service created the special e-mail address for complaints and messages of citizens about holes, hollows and cracks in asphalt covering on streets and roads ofDaugavpils. The request to write to this address is exclusive on the offered subject. We will regularly report about results of the begun campaign.