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Daugavpils city Council join the Campaign by committing to take action that promotes and accelerates ISO 50001 implementation

Daugavpils City Council signed a commitment by joining the Energy Management campaign, thereby endorsing the key principles of international engagement in the implementation of ISO 50001. The Energy Management Campaign aims to maximize the transformative potential of ISO 50001 through deeper international collaboration

To boost implementation of ISO 50001, Daugavpils City Council commits to expand boundaries of ISO 50001 certification, including buildings of municipal capital companies, implementing measures for modernization of public street lighting, municipal buildings and public transport infrastructure, introducing energy saving measures, as well as promoting and contributing to Campaign international technical cooperation facilitated through the CEM Energy Management Working Group.

The Energy Management Campaign will support our efforts to promote ISO 50001 in the public sector (public buildings, street lighting system and transport) aiming for rational and sustainable management of the objects owned by the municipality, for reduction of costs, for improvement of the competitiveness and redirection of savings to the development.

                Daugavpils City Council believes that energy management systems ISO 50001 are a key tool for meeting global climate and energy goals. Daugavpils City energy management system ISO 50001 is a part of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAPs) until 2020. Municipality has voluntarily committed to reduce GHG emissions in the whole territory of the city until 2020 by 10%, compared to 2010.  Target of Daugavpils energy management system for 2017:  to reduce the energy consumption by 3% (3.8 TJ) in 10 municipal buildings with the highest energy consumption; to reduce the electricity consumption by 1% (0.2 TJ) in 10 public lighting lines; to reduce consumption of diesel fuel by 1% (0.4 TJ) in public transport.

Daugavpils City Council will contribute to Campaign goals by:

  • Endorsing key principles for accelerating climate achievements using ISO 50001,
  • Pledging concrete actions to drive use of ISO 50001 and key principles,
  • Contributing to international technical exchange through the Energy Management Working Group,
  • Recognizing ISO 50001 leadership,
  • Tracking and sharing progress on uptake of the standard.

Campaign is organized by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), that is a high-level global forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology, to share lessons learned and best practices, and to encourage the transition to a global clean energy economy.

Leaders, working through global action forums, are rallying around this business friendly approach that draws upon best practices from over 50 countries and is already demonstrating steep improvements among the 12,000+ early adopters. Case studies from all over the world have demonstrated the clear business value, showing energy performance improvements of 10% or more.

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Information prepared by

Helen Trošimova,
Daugavpils City Council Development Department
Spatial Planner of Strategic Planning and International Relations Department
Phone: +371 654 76066; Email: