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Exhibition of painted glass in the Latgale Central Library

From March 1, 2013 in the hall of the periodical press of Latgale Central Library the exhibition of artwork by students of Vabole group of the department of Visually Plastic Arts of Špoģi Music and Art school ‘Spring in the Glass’ will be presented.

Glass is a wonderful material! In ancient times talented masters drew household sketches or compositions of flowers on mirrors and glasses.

Drawing on glass is a very difficult work, demanding big patience and scrupulousness, as a result of which glass turns into a fine work of art.

Drawing on glass – work which inspires and opens the creative imagination of the author. New artists – Liāna Atgone, Elīna Baika, Anita Gladiševa, Ligita Jonāne, Kristiāns Staņislavs Praņevskis, Sofija Praņevska, Santa Pudāne, Everita Žuka demonstrate the great variety and brightness of colors in their works.


The exhibition in the Latgale Central Library will last till March 31.


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