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Exhibition ‘Lithuanian winter solstice decoration ‘Puzurs’ and knitted wrist warmer cuffs’

will be held at the Daugavpils Clay Art Centre from January 18th till March 14th, 2013.

Though according to the astronomical calendar winter continues till March 20, days grow longer again, it is time when Shrovetide (the Latvian equivalent for it is Meteņi) has been celebrated. People are cherishing the hope that the warmth of the sun will return. In the middle of the winter, when the frost is still sharp, but the days grow longer and there are more sunny days Daugavpils Clay Art Centre organizes the exhibition ‘Lithuanian winter solstice decoration ‘Puzurs’ and knitted wrist warmer cuffs’ which displays decorations made of straw and magnificent, embroidered wrist warmer cuffs.  The exhibition is very appropriate for the present period of time.

The exhibition has been organized in the framework of the regular cooperation project between Daugavpils Clay Art Centre and the Folk Art and Craft Centre of Kaunas county. All interested are welcome to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition that will be held on January 18, at 18.00.