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Jānis Lāčplēsis is elected as new Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council.

On July 1 at 11.00 the first meeting of new members of Daugavpils City Council took place. In the meeting participated all newly elected members: Vladislavs Bojarūns, Vladimirs Borisjonoks, Aivars Broks, Jevgeņijs Carevs , Jānis Dukšinskis, Pēteris Dzalbe, Anatolijs Gržibovskis,  Boriss Ivanovs,  Jānis Lāčplēsis, Aleksejs Nikolajevs,  Natālija Petrova , Dmitrijs Rodionovs, Aleksandrs Samarins, Rita Strode, Jurijs Zaicevs.

Raimonds Tukišs, chairperson of Daugavpils election commission led the first meeting. On the Agenda there was only one issue – election of the Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council. Jānis Lāčplēsis proposed to include three additional issues: election of the 1st Deputy Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council and election of two deputies of City Council Chairperson.

In open vote, unanimously Jānis Lāčplēsis (Latgale Party) was elected as new Chairperson of Daugavpils City Council, Jānis Dukšinskis (Political organization “Development Party”) was elected as 1st Deputy Chairperson. Dmitrijs Rodionovs (Union of political parties “Harmony Centre”) and Pēteris Dzalbe (“Social Justice Party/People's Control”) were elected as deputies of City Council Chairperson.

This meeting could be seen in a live broadcast on an official video portal of Daugavpils municipality More than 3000 people watched this meeting.

The information has been prepared by editor-in-chief of department of the public relations of Daugavpils City Council M. Gorkina