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The work on organisation of the Tourism Conference has begun

Tourism Conference in Daugavpils will be held on May 16-17. On 19th of February the first meeting of work group was held. The Deputy Chairperson of Daugavpils city council Līvija Jankovska leads the organizing team.

The aim of Tourism Conference is to improve the quality of tourism services, to popularize tourism objects. Līvija Jankovska emphasized that main accent should be on the fortress and on Rothko’s Art Centre, but also we should not forget about new products such as Lead Shot Factory, Clay Art Centre.

Līvija Jankovska considers that this year more attention should be given to cooperation with Daugavpils twin cities in a field of tourism. The specialists in tourism field will be invited to the conference. It is important to promote the exchange of tourists, involving twin cities in this process.

Information has been prepared by the press secretary of Daugavpils city council Līga Korsaka