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The number of visitors to tourist attractions in Daugavpils continues to grow

Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency has compiled data on the number of visitors to tourism objects in Daugavpils in the first half of this year and published following results. 

The number of visitors to tourist attractions in Daugavpils was 230 157 during the first six months of this year, which, in fact, is by 26 157 visitors or 11, 36% more than in the same period of 2015.

The analysis of the data revealed that five most popular tourist attractions in Daugavpils were Mark Rothko Art Centre that served 47 072 visitors or 38% of the total number of travelers, Latgales Zoo that served 21 751 visitors or 18%, Daugavpils Fortress and Daugavpils Fortress Culture and Information Centre that served 16 316 visitors or 13%, as well as the 1st Coastal Lunette and the Guardroom of the Daugavpils Fortress that welcomed 8 016 visitors or 7%. In fact, the visitors of these tourism objects together formed more than 80% of the total tourist flow.

In addition to this, large increase in the number of visitors to several tourist sites was identified. For instance, the Belarusian Cultural Centre was visited by 52% or 1 200 people more than in the same time period in 2015, the number of visitors to the Daugavpils Fortress Culture and Information Centre increased by 20% or 3 226 people but Daugavpils Clay Art Centre welcomed 15% or 478 more visitors than before.

With regards to the Daugavpils Tourism Information Centre, it was revealed that there were 16 566 visitors during the first half of the 2016, 68% of which were Latvian residents and 32% were foreign tourists. What is more, although the reduction in the number of domestic tourists was observed, the number of foreign travelers increased significantly compared with the same period last year. According to the data, the flow of tourists from Russia, Estonia and Poland reduced slightly. However, the number of visitors from Lithuania, Belarus, United States, as well as Turkey grew during the past six months. Visitors of the Tourism Information Centre were mostly interested in sights of the city, guided tours, lodging facilities and undergoing events in the city.

The ratio of domestic and foreign tourists who visited Daugavpils tourist sites in the first half of 2016 is as follows: 90% - domestic tourists and 10% - foreign tourists. The greatest number of foreign tourists visiting tourist sites recorded from Lithuania - 33%, Russia - 9%, Poland - 8%, UK - 8%, Germany - 7%, and Belarus - 6%. Accordingly, the high priority tourism target markets are considered - Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany and Belarus, but priority target markets  - Estonia, Norway, France and the United States.

Based on the analysis of statistical data, relatively large number of business travelers from the United States (926 tourists or 4%) and Turkey (709 tourists or 3%) was highlighted. The purpose of the business tourism segment might be the Russian language learning programs as well as the involvement in the student exchange programs led by Daugavpils educational establishments. Another reason why tourists from the United States arrive is a desire to find out more about the history of their family and relatives.

Furthermore, according to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office, tourist accommodations in Daugavpils served 12 695 visitors which is by 6, 2% more compared with the corresponding period last year. Tourists spent 26 727 nights in Daugavpils, including foreign visitors - 10 729 nights, which is by 6, 7% more than in the previous year.


Information written by:

Karolina Dedele, Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency, Customer Service Specialist


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