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Tourism | Active rest

Swimming Pools


Daugavpils Olympic Centre

1 Stadiona Street


Тel.: +371 65475140






DaugavpilsUniversitySports Complex

1 Kandavas Street

Tel.: +371 65428664





„Celtnieks” Sports Complex

7 Jelgavas Street

Tel.: +371 65432510





„Olimpija” Sports Complex

2u Valkas Street

Tel.: 371 65451070






„Vaduguns” Sports Complex

33 Cietoksna Street

Tel.: +371 29226783




„Orange bowling”

60 Cietoksna Street

Tel.: +371 65427102





Boat and bike hire water tours



1 Isa Street


GSM: +371 28344394







„Daugavpils ledus”

45a Stacijas Street

Tel.: +371 65407192

Tel.: +371 65407191

Tel.: +371 65407190






Griva aerodrome

GSM: +371 29225359





«D.I.S.K.» Sport Parachute Club

Griva aerodrome

GSM: +371 29874294

GSM: +371 26898749

Active rest

Boat rental, water routes

"Beibuks" boat and raft rental

"Beibuks" boat rental offers comfortable, safe, lightweight kayaks and spacious canoes for families and friend groups. "Beibuks" boat rental offers boat transportation services and recommend the best routes. The rental price is 15 EUR per first day, the next day - 10 EUR. Life-vests, oars and waterproof bags are included in the price.

For more information: +371 29493121,





Raft rental

Boat trips on the Daugava River on a raft “Sola” and boat “Dina”

"Beibuki" boat rental offers water trips on the Daugava River on a raft “Sola” and boat “Dina”.
The route: the arch near the bank of Daugava River (the beginning of Rigas Street) - Nicholas Gate (Daugavpils Fortress). The length, duration and direction of the water route can be choosen according to customer needs. It is possible to use audio guides during the trip.
Scheduled water tours on Fridays at 18:00, on Saturdays and Sundays - every hour from 13:00 to 19:00. The prices: 5 EUR for adults, 3 EUR for children.
For more information: +371 29493121; +371 26833538; +371 26920349,



“Wake It” Wakepark

The first in Latgale wakepark is open in Rugeli reservoir. This wakepark is for both experienced riders and novices and simply vacationers. The newly created track features one kicker. There is the opportunity to rent SUP boards. You can easily glide across the surface of water and also hold competitions for speed. There is possibility to rent an aquaskipper. This is the fastest water vehicle that converts the power generated by your up-and-down motion to let you fly high above the water’s surface. This is an opportunity to train your muscles in a very attractive way. There is an attraction that is sure to impress people with a good sense of humor and children – rolling over the surface in the water ball or zorb.

You can spend your time jumping on the trampoline, playing ball or simply sunbathing on the shore.


Rugeli reservoir, Daugavpils

+371 27882727