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Residential areas

The administrative territory of the city is divided into 25 residential areas within the following boundaries:

  • 1. The Centre – is located on the site of the historical town centre, encompassing all of the territory between the Daugava, 18th Novembra street, Stacijas street, Maizes street, Sakņu street, Parādes street and Rīgas street.
  • 2. Esplanāde – the territory between Daugava river, Rīgas  street (including Dubrovin’s park), Parādes, Sakņu, Maizes, Stacijas and Kārklu street (up to railway track);
  • 3. The Fortress – the territory between the Daugava river, Vaļņu street, Motoru street, Ceriņu and Silu street;
  • 4. Vizbuļi – the territory between Ceriņu street, Silu street, Motoru street and Rīga highway;
  • 5. Dzintari – the territory between the Daugava and the border of the building site along Daugavas street;
  • 6. Mežciems – the territory between the North-Eastern border of the city, the Daugava river, Vizbuļu street and Riga highway;
  •  7. Viduspoguļanka – the territory to the North from the Šūņu lake up to Northern city border, Vidzemes street, Čornaja river and landed property at 20 Cēsu street;
  • 8. Jaunā Forštadte – the territory between the Northern border of the city (Rēzeknes street), Piekrastes, Arendoles, Zeltkalna and Baložu street;
  • 9. Vecā Forštadte – the territory on the banks of lake Šūņu between city border , Čornaja river and transport nodal point of Vidzemes and Piekrastes streets; 10. Ezermala – the territory on the South-eastern banks of lake Šūņu between landed property at 20 Cēsu street, railway and nodal point of Vidzemes and Piekrastes streets;
  • 11. Dzelzceļnieks – the territory between the railway lines along Stacijas street and Varšavas street;
  • 12. Ķīmija – the territory between Višķu street, the area of the railway yard and Stropi forest;